Lions News · Free PPE physicals for all MS and HS athletes offered at Bexley HS on June 6th at 6:00 PM!

Pre-PPE Parent Letter BHS 2019

On June 6th Sports Medicine physicians and athletic trainers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital will be performing FREE Pre-Participation Physical Exams(PPEs) for athletes at Bexley City Schools.   A PPE is a requirement for athletic participation in The state of Ohio but it is not a comprehensive medical examination and in no way replaces the recommended annual check-up with your child’s primary care physician.

Check in for the physicals will be in The Lion Lobby beginning at 6:00pm, and you must be checked in by 7:00pm at the latest in order to be seen.

It is strongly encouraged that a parent or custodial guardian attends the PPE with the child in case of any abnormal findings. PPEs are offered well in advance of the coming school year in order to provide adequate time to rehabilitate injuries or further investigate medical problems so as to minimize the likelihood of disqualification. Due to the nature of mass examinations please be prepared for extended wait times.

In order for the PPE to be effective and efficient, a complete and accurate medical history is vital. The history form should be filled out by a parent ahead of time in Final Forms and all YES answers should be explained. The History Form should be printed from Final Forms and brought with you to the exam.